Administration of estates

In real estate consulting Fincaria know that successfully managing a community of owners, is to upgrade the entire property with an undoubted benefit for its joint owners.

The main objective is to achieve a perfect functioning of the community from a professional management appropriate, coordinating all aspects related to it, from prevention and monitoring of maintenance and service to the economic and administrative management.

Below are the services that comprise our management:
  • Ensure proper scheme of the house, its facilities and services and make appropriate warnings to the owners.
  • Prepare the annual expense budget.
  • Control and payment of all financial obligations to the community.
  • Issuance and management of monthly bills, for both the regular budget, as extraordinary.
  • Preparation of invitations to general meetings, ordinary and extraordinary.
  • Writing and sending, to all owners of Minutes of the Meetings of the Community and transcript to the Book of Acts.
  • Continues negotiating preferential agreements with companies of all types of services for the Communities.
  • Legal advice and defense.
  • Claim of unpaid assessments.
  • Regular visits to the building.
  • Constitution of new communities of owners.
  • Control Repair of the community.
  • Implementation of general meetings in Spanish and Majorcan with translations in english, German and Russian.
  • In general, any other service related to the functioning of their community.
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Estate judicial reports

Our reviews are conducted according to the Order ECO/805/2003. Order March 27, on standards and assessment of real property and certain rights for financial purposes.

We expert opinions for the Ministry of Justice, lawyers, notaries, corporations, individuals, etc., in order to obtain the market value of the property subject to taxation.

We operate in various legal proceedings distributions such as hereditary, valuation of assets, embargoes, expropiations, separation of property, divorce, auctions, etc.

Documents required for an expert report :
certificate of property registration, cadastral certificate, photocopies of the deed, contract of sale, plans of the building.

Property taxes

We Appraisal Reports of any immovable property (rural and urban, residential, commercial, industrial, buildings, garages, buildings linked to economic activities, etc.) in order to get the real value of the property subject to taxation ( value market, market for the current usage, alternative use value, replacement value, depreciated, etc.), using different valuation methods( method of comparison of samples of market replacement cost method, residual method, method of income capitalization or update).

Reports by our Appraiser, D. Miguel ┴ngel Garza, are governed under the European Valuation Standards (EVS) and the current national legislation (Order ECO/805/2003 of 27 March, about rules for assessing real property and certain rights for financial purposes; Order EHA/3011/2007 of October 4th in some respects amending the Order ECO/805/2003.

Pricing offer our services to any person or entity in the Balearic Islands (individuals, lawyers, auditors, solicitors, etc.)


What documents must I provide for the sale of my home?
Deed, Last receipt of the Property Tax (IBI), Last receipt of the fee Garbage, Certificate of President Community of Owners confirming that there are no quotas or spill Community outstanding in last water, electricity and gas.
Deed of separation of property (if any) and authorization of sale, signed by the property owners, the Real Estate Agent. National Identity documents.

What is the initial amount of money that should provide for the purchase of a home?
Call pay 5% of the value of the home, as payment on account of the final price until signing of the deed.

Who is responsible for managing and pay for advertising the sale of my home?
Fincaria estate advice, manages the sale of his house in Mallorca or elsewhere in Spain, paying for advertising in newspapers in each locality and on the Internet worldwide.
Lobbying and advertising costs necessary for the sale of his apartment, villa, house, business premises, etc..will be paid in full by Fincaria, without entailing any cost to you.

Sell, rent an apartment or transfer business premises, can I put it in your catalog?
Just click on the paragraph and rent with us, fill paragraphs with their personal data and characteristics of your property and we will contact you immediately.

What should I know before buying a home?
When thinking of buying a home, we must resolve many issues before making a decision that will affect our purchasing power and our quality of life, and that the purchase a home may be the biggest investment of our lives.
How can I invest, I want to live in that area, building orientation, quality, legal documentation will be verified.

What type of loan interests me more to buy a home?
The interest rate is a very important aspect of the loan term as attached to determines what you will pay over the years and the life of the loan. The types of loans are:
  • Mortgage fixed rate: give some security if interest rates rise will not be affected, but have a drawback and that if rates fall may not benefit.
  • Mortgage Loan variable interest: the one that varies in time, usually every year or every six months.
  • Mixed rate Mortgage Loan: combine a period in which the interest is fixed and another in wich it is variable and adjusts to market.
  • Flat-rate Mortgage Loan: these are variable rate loans but with fixed depreciation rate.
Questions that since Fincaria real estate consulting, we help solve, even with all our professionalism and experience at your service.


Fincaria real estate consulting, through its finance department, Finmaga, expert advisers and renowned economists in the field, we put all our dedication, experience and professionalism in service to our customers, offering the best financing possible in the manner most beneficial and cost-effective and better suited to the interests of the private market.
  • Mortgage 100 % + expenses
    Without endorsement or fixed contract
  • Moving home mortgage
    There is no need to sell your house to buy your dream
  • Subrogations
    Improve the conditions of your mortgage and pay less each month
  • Refinancing and debt consolidation.
    Pay 50% less. Solve your problems and take advantage of a second chance
  • Mortgage loans to suit
    We will create a monthly fee to your specifications
  • Buying off plan
    We finance your future home
  • Self Promotion
    We help you build your own home
  • Personal Loan Express
    You can go on a trip or renew your furniture

We manage and advise their operation without schooling or processing costs

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